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Why Iran Is Turning Onions into Jewelry

Onions are an Iranian's best friend?
Alex Swerdloff

Did a Conspiracy Between the World's Largest Fertilizer Companies Crash the Food Economy?

A new report suggests that a clandestine cartel of fertilizer companies drove food prices so high that they precipitated a crisis that drove 44 million people into poverty.
Alex Swerdloff

Brexit Fears Cause UK Food Prices to Skyrocket

The food market is violently reacting to a possible British exit and food and drink prices are escalating, according to a recent report by Lynx Purchasing.
Alex Swerdloff

Monkey Meat, Caterpillars, and Tons of Fake Booze Found in Interpol's Biggest Food Bust

More than 10,000 tonnes and one million litres of “hazardous fake food and drink” in what Interpol is calling the biggest seizure of contraband food in their history.
Nick Rose
food prices

Hoard Your Ice Cream Because We're in a Massive Vanilla Shortage

The nectar of the gods that is ice cream is about to get a hell of a lot more expensive, and we have the distinguished spinster that is vanilla to thank for it.
Alex Swerdloff

Commodity Traders Helped Spark the War in Syria, Complex Systems Theorists Say

New math shows that financial speculation caused the spike in food prices that led to war.
Brian Merchant
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Milk Prices Would Double in the US Without Immigrant Workers

Our milk supply would be totally, unequivocally screwed without immigrant workers. The complete loss of immigrant labor would cause one in six dairy farms in the US to shut down.
Alex Swerdloff

Egyptians Are Protesting the Rising Price of Meat Using Social Media

Formed to “fight price increases and exploitation,” the movement is hoping to drive prices down by bringing attention to the problem.
Alex Swerdloff

Norway Is Well-Aware That Its Food Is Too Expensive

Norway’s own Minister of Agriculture and Food has even declared that the nation’s food is “too expensive" after food prices have risen by more than 5 percent in just four months.
Hilary Pollack

British Dairy Farmers Are Staging Cow-Led Supermarket Protests

Dairy farmers have taken to supermarkets across the UK in protest of the milk price cuts putting many out of business. These “trolley dashes” see farmers clear shelves of milk, with some even bringing cows along.
Phoebe Hurst

Eggs Are Now More Expensive Than Chicken

In case you've been sleeping through the latest avian flu outbreak, you might not have noticed that eggs have nearly doubled in price in recent months. And you know what that means? Eggs are officially more expensive than chicken meat.
Munchies Staff

Feeling Shat Upon by Regulations, French Farmers Dumped Manure on Government Buildings

On Wednesday, disgruntled French farmers fanned out across the country to call attention to their depressed wages. They made quite a splash, dumping tons of fruits and vegetables on Paris’ Place de la Republique and using tractors to spray manure onto...
Lauren Rothman