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Un-BRIE-Lievable! French Scientists Have Discovered a New Cheese-Ripening Trick

Many in France are not happy with the development. You could say they're feeling... bleu.
Mayukh Sen

This Food Scientist Wants to Save Lives With a Hypoallergenic Peanut

Hortense Dodo has pioneered a process for engineering safer peanuts that can prevent deadly reactions.
Becky Ferreira
Best of 2017

Everything Science Told Us to Eat, Drink, and Consume in 2017

Don't drink your whiskey neat. Ketchup should not be in glass bottles. It's been a wonderful year for food science.
Munchies Staff
the internet

Why the Hell Hasn't This Ice Cream Sandwich Melted After 4 Days in the Sun?

I scream, you scream, we all scream because this freakish supermarket ice cream sandwich just won't melt.
Alex Swerdloff
machine learning

Deep Learning Algorithm Rewrites Traditional Recipes for New Regions, Ingredients

Algorithmic gastronomy is here.
Michael Byrne

What Would Censorship of the USDA Mean for America?

We reached out to food policy experts to find out what they made of this turn of events—and what the USDA’s flip flop means about transparency for the American public.
Alex Swerdloff
space food

NASA Is Making ‘Sustainable’ Space Food for Deep Space Travel

How do you feed astronauts who are going to be propelled 40,000 miles beyond the moon?
Nick Rose
food science

The Science Behind Willy Wonka Isn't as Far-Fetched as It Seems

How close are we to creating a gobstopper whose flavor is actually everlasting? What will the first real-life Fizzy Lifting Drinks be made of?
Jelisa Castrodale
future of food

The Plastic Wrap of the Future Will Be Made Out of Milk

We'll be eating our food packaging within the next few years.
Drew Lazor
food science

‘Brunch’-Flavored Candy Corn Is Terrifying

The makers of candy corn that looks like human teeth is now stepping up the craziness on their flagship Halloween offerings, by crossbreeding them with brunch.
Nick Rose

A New Study Says the Right Music Can Make Your Beer Taste Better

A team of Belgian researchers says there's a correlation between the music you listen to, how much you enjoy your beer, and how drunk you feel.
Kevin Farrell

Cockroach Milk Is the Protein Drink of the Future

An international team of scientists from the US, Japan, Canada, France, and India are pleased to say that the milk protein crystals found in cockroaches are, in fact, a “fantastic” protein supplement.
Alex Swerdloff