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How the government shutdown hurt millions of people on food stamps

The shutdown was more than an inconvenience for the 40 million people on food stamps.
Roberto Ferdman

The Government Shutdown Is Putting These Foods in Danger

Food stamp funding also hangs in the balance as the US enters its longest shutdown in history.
Bettina Makalintal
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The Trump administration is trying to made it harder for hundreds of thousands of people to get food stamps

Most able-bodied adults without kids already have to work for a certain amount of hours each month to collect food stamps from the federal program.
Emma Ockerman

Ohio Strip Club Loses License After Accepting Food Stamps for Lap Dances, Hard Drugs

SNAP benefits are not to be used for tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, ornamental gourds, or uh, meth and boobs.
Jelisa Castrodale

Being a kid is a "negative factor" under Trump's new immigration rule

“A person’s age may impact his or her ability to legally or physically work and is therefore relevant to being self-sufficient, and the likelihood of becoming a public charge.”
Taylor Dolven

Beef Update: Bernie Sanders Literally Introduced a ‘Stop Bezos’ Bill

Sanders has made Amazon the poster child for everything wrong with the modern labor market.
Kaleigh Rogers

People Are Scared to Use Health Safety Nets Because of ICE

Known as a "chilling effect​," this public health principle can lead to a drop in everything from vaccinations and routine doctor visits to prenatal and HIV care.
Jason Silverstein

A Proposed Database of Food Stamp Recipients Isn't Only Cruel, It's a Security Risk

The House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the 2018 Farm Bill last month and it includes plans to build a massive database in order to catch food stamp participants who register in more than one state.
Kaleigh Rogers
food stamps

Trump Administration Getting Closer to Requiring Drug Tests for SNAP Recipients

If implemented, these requirements may affect 2 million people.
Mayukh Sen

Trump's Alternative to Food Stamps Is Unrealistic, Unhealthy, and Offensive

Once again, the Trump administration invented a problem whose only solution is taking money from the poor to give to the rich.
Jason Silverstein

Experts Weigh In on Why Trump’s “America’s Harvest Box” Proposal Is Absurd

Don't freak out—SNAP probably won't be replaced by Blue Apron-esque grocery boxes. Here's why.
Danielle Wayda
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump's budget even crueler than usual, dirty cops convicted in Baltimore, Jeff Sessions praises "Anglo-American" law enforcement, and more.
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