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A Staggering Number of British Takeout Restaurants Fail Hygiene Inspections

In new analysis of Food Standards Agency data, more than 7,000 restaurants were found not to have met acceptable food hygiene requirements.
Daisy Meager
animal welfare

British Slaughterhouses Are Committing Thousands of Animal Welfare Breaches Every Year

A new report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found that animal mistreatment is taking place an average of 13 times a day in British abattoirs.
Daisy Meager

Even the Food Standards Agency Could Access UK Surveillance Data Under New Bill

All kinds of government agencies beyond law enforcement could request data under the draft Investigatory Powers Bill.
Joseph Cox
food safety

How You Can Get Food Poisoning from Food You Didn’t Even Eat

One British woman got norovirus from oysters, despite not eating any of them herself. And unfortunately, it could happen to any of us.
Alex Swerdloff

Food Hygiene Goes Out of the Window When Brits Barbecue

Just in time for all those oh-shit-summer’s-nearly-over-let’s-eat-outdoors barbecues, research has found that Britain has some pretty sorry hygiene standards when it comes to grilling meat.
Phoebe Hurst

British Dairy Farmers Are Starting a Raw Cheese Revolution

Suffolk’s dairy farmers are making specialist cheeses—including the UK’s first raw brie—rather than remain trapped in supermarket pricing wars that see milk sold for less than bottled water.
Josh Barrie
food safety

British Supermarket Chicken Is Still Contaminated

A new survey released by the UK Food Standards Agency found that 73 percent of raw shop-bought chickens are infected with campylobacter, bacteria that causes 280,000 people to fall ill each year.
Phoebe Hurst

Salt Has Become a Political Tool in the UK

A report published in the British Medical Journal says that UK salt consumption is higher than ever before, due to policy changes of the coalition government.
David Whelan

I Went on a Tour of Some of England's Most Unhygienic Restaurants

Just how much of a risk are you taking by eating at a place with a bad health rating?
Joseph Viney

Irn-Bru Made Me Who I Am

I'm Scottish. Therefore, Irn-Bru isn't just a teeth-eroding fizzy drink to me. It's part of the tapestry of my existence, the foundation of most of my teenage memories.
Hanna Hanra