food writer

    • 7.18.15

      Being a Food Writer Made Me Lose My Appetite

      After a string of mediocre hookups, I opted to take a sabbatical from shagging. Filling my nights with pastries instead of sex—plus fact that I had recently taken a new job as a food writer—eventually resulted in an unsavory outcome: I stopped caring...

    • 3.11.14

      All Chefs Hate All Food Writers

      Chefs are right to hate food writers. Writers, especially critics, are entitled yet uninformed, and get perks that normal diners can only dream of—all at the chef's expense. Here are nine reasons writers like me inspire such loathing from the...

    • 8.15.13

      Lambstock Leaves Me Weak

      Lambstock is a large, semilegendary, lamb-centric event held annually somewhere in Virginia. I say "somewhere" because, even after attending last weekend, I’m still not sure where it is, exactly. I’ve heard the event called the Burning Man of...

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