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World Cup

This Soviet-era stadium had to be completely redesigned to host the FIFA World Cup

Built during the Soviet heyday in 1957, the Yekaterina Arena will be one of the last ready for the World Cup to begin.
Mikhail Galustov
Angad Singh

This Guy Tattooed an Entire Soccer Jersey on His Torso

Forty percent of Maurício dos Anjos' body is now covered in the black and red stripes of his team, Flamengo.
Rafael Luis Azevedo
the decline of the premier league matchday

Squeezed Fans, Silent Stadiums: The Myth of Premier League Atmosphere

While the Premier League product is dependent on the idea of raucous matchday experiences, the marketing rarely matches the reality. So, how can we reverse the trend of declining atmospheres in our top-flight grounds?
Paul Walker-Emig
big sam necking a pint of chablis

Reflections On The Sam Allardyce Scandal: Bowing Out With A Pint Of Wine

With Big Sam in the shit after an undercover sting by The Telegraph, we explore the biggest question thrown up by the investigation: seriously, is he drinking a pint of fucking wine?
Will Magee
football hooliganism in china

Jiangsu Suning Supporters Filmed Viciously Beating Shanghai Shenhua Fan

The footage appears to show an isolated Shanghai Shanhua fan being kicked, punched and pelted with food by a crowd of rival supporters, before finally making his escape.
UK Sports Staff
gunnersaurus for player of the month

Fans to Be Given Twitter Vote on Premier League Manager and Player of the Month

In other words, it’s probably going to be one of Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Gunnersaurus from now until May.
UK Sports Staff
punch ups at the london stadium

West Ham Threaten Life Bans For Fans Filmed Fighting During Europa League Defeat

The club have taken a hardline stance on the supporters filmed exchanging blows on Thursday evening, and say they will now push for full banning orders.
UK Sports Staff
the sad decline of ac milan

AC Milan Sell Record Low 10,000 Season Tickets Prior To Start Of Serie A Season

The seven-time European Cup winners have seen ticket sales plummet in recent seasons, with fans showing their discontent at the running of the club.
UK Sports Staff
football kits as exploitation

Cashing In, Kitted Out: What Ever Happened to Premier League Kit Policy?

In 2000, Premier League clubs signed a charter which included a restriction on the release of kits. That charter seems to have been quietly dropped, and kit releases are now rampant.
Will Magee
direct democracy in grassroots football

Introducing United London FC, the Team That Allows Fans To Vote On the Starting Lineup

United London bills itself as “the world’s first manager-less football club”, but that’s not quite true. Via a unique voting system, they aim to make managers of supporters worldwide.
Will Magee

I Spent 24 Hours in Berlin’s Busiest Drug Market

When I get out of the U8 train at Berlin's Kottbusser Tor station at 5 AM on a Thursday, three men dressed in rags raise their beer bottles to greet me, grinning with the few remaining teeth they have.
Wlada Kolosowa

Bundesliga Club Darmstadt 98 To Provide Free Season Tickets For Low-Income Fans

Free tickets will be also be available for pensioners, children and adolescents from large families, as long as they can provide a social security card.
Will Magee