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The 'Sensible Soccer' World Cup Is an eSport Event Like No Other

No big stadiums and lavish cash prizes here. These devoted fans use their love of a retro classic and a desire to connect with others as a way of kindling their passions.
Fraser Gilbert

The 'Rocket League' World Cup Shows Why 'Rocket League' Is Awesome

The biggest competitive games rarely travel well beyond their core audiences, but Psyonix's title's simplicity is a virtue.
Rich Stanton

We'll Always Have Lionel Messi’s Video Game Covers

Look at how he's holding that magical Wii wand to his chest, thumbing that stick, smiling that smile. Couldn't you just eat him up?
Mike Diver

Why We’re Still Addicted To ‘Rocket League,' One Year Later

Psyonix's muscle-cars-and-massive-balls game has been a mainstay of our evenings since it came out, and we're not about to break the habit any time soon.
Mike Diver, David Whelan and Joel Golby

Congratulations, ‘Kick Off Revival,' You’re the Worst Soccer Game Ever

It's the Euros, and you're after a game to fill the gaps between actual matches. But please, seriously, do not buy this absolute shitshow of a soccer sim.
Mike Diver

‘FIFA 17’ Is Going All Hollywood on Us with ‘The Journey’ Mode

Play your way to fame as a prodigy with everything to win, and in doing so distance yourself from the gritty reality of modern football.
John Robertson

Why ‘Sensible Soccer’ Is Still Gaming’s Friendliest Soccer Sim

It's almost 25 years old, but 'Sensi' remains the most accessible and user-friendly soccer game around.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

I Tried to Infiltrate the Black Market of FIFA Ultimate Team Betting

Gamers are pissed off at EA, but there's something much darker going on in the FUT community.
Jack Harry
VICE vs Video games

How 'Pro Evo' Has Become the La Liga of Soccer Games

Konami's series is akin to the Spanish League compared to FIFA's very English style of play.
John Robertson
VICE vs Video games

What's the Greatest Soccer Video Game of All Time?

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" is out now and is, by all accounts, amazing. But no football game is better than "Sensible Soccer," surely?
Chris Schilling and Mike Diver