Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

After Macron PDA, Trump greets Merkel with noticeably cooler welcome

A day after President Trump rolled out the red carpet for French President Emmanuel Macron, treating him to a formal gun salute and a state dinner, he greeted German Chancellor Angela Merkel a noticeably cooler welcome.
Alexa Liautaud

Justin Trudeau's Celebrity Schtick Has Finally Blown Up in His Face

His Indian misadventure was an epic misfire.
Drew Brown
Tracking Trump's Congress

Making Sense of Trump's Surprisingly Old-School Sanctions Regime

The same president who has praised strongmen across the world is going after corruption and human rights abuses, including by targeting Russians. What gives?
Mark Hay
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Trump's anti-Iran deal stance could weaken Iran’s progressive wing

President Trump’s decision to de-certify the nuclear deal has caused uproar in Iran, and it’s putting the reformist government in Tehran under pressure.
Vice News Tonight

Trump's biggest foreign policy decisions since taking office

President Trump campaigned on fundamentally remaking the world order, and he's taken meaningful steps in that direction so far.
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to Be Secretary of State

A number of top Republican senators have expressed concerns over Tillerson's lack of experience and coziness with Russia.
Lauren Messman
defense & security

These Emails Show Canada Was Super Stoked About Saudi Arms Deal

While the deal has sparked controversy publicly in Canada because of Saudi Arabia's human rights record, privately, bureaucrats were celebrating that "The Big One Has Landed" in emails.
Ben Makuch
Open Water

A French Diplomat Sold Rubber Boats to Refugees — Then Got Fired

France's honorary consul in the Turkish town of Bodrum was secretly filmed last week inside the sporting goods store she owns saying she realized some people buying dinghies were "going to their deaths."
Lucie Aubourg

Is Beirut's Garbage Crisis Weakening Hezbollah?

We talked to members of the militant group and protesters on the street about what's going on in Lebanon.
Sulome Anderson

The Canadian Veteran Who Fought the Islamic State Is Back Home

Dillon Hillier, a Canadian combat veteran who jumped on a plane from Calgary to fight alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga has returned home, according to a Facebook post from his father.
Ben Makuch

The Canadian Government Keeps Losing BlackBerrys, Cash, and Weapons

Over $350 million worth of the government's property went MIA in 2014—including 11,000 cases of lost or stolen weapons and accessories valued at over $50,000—and much of it will never be recovered.
Justin Ling

Why Is Russia Trading Warplanes for Beef?

You don't often see major powers bartering food staples for weapons systems, but the recent move by Vladimir Putin is actually a savvy bit of strategic thinking.
Mark Hay