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Rise Up

The People of Bangladesh Shouldn't Have to Pay for America's Carbon Footprint

As the US continues to debate the reality of climate change while being one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions, countries like Bangladesh and millions of people suffer.
Madeline Moitozo
Rise Up

How Advocacy Leaders Banded Together to Save US Foreign Aid from Trump's Budget Cuts

Some of America’s most prominent NGOs are coming together as a collective to look at ways to strategize, number crunch, and talk best practices.
Madeline Moitozo

Trump Just Reinstated a Global Anti-Abortion Rule That Has Increased Abortions

Republicans’ latest attack on abortion access will likely produce more abortions.
Ankita Rao
Malaria's Last Stand

Building a Cure for Malaria

Some experts believe eradication is impossible without major socio-economic development.
Kaleigh Rogers
Malaria's Last Stand

The True Cost of Malaria

The numbers measuring this scourge can be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend.
Kaleigh Rogers

Senegal's Sea Widows Are Well on Their Way to Financial Independence

In the last decade, thousands of young migrants have left Senegal on rickety fishing boats hoping to find work in Europe. Many have died at sea, leaving behind a new class of women: the “sea widows,” as a local newspaper called them.
Maïa de La Baume and Stefania Rousselle

Communities Full of Land Mines Are Rejecting Land-Mine Removal

Which is a tragedy, because getting rid of things that explode people indiscriminately should be one of the world's more uncontroversial aid projects.
Mark Hay