fortune telling


The Weird World Of K-Pop Prediction Accounts

What do you do when your favorite artist reveals absolutely nothing about their private lives? You turn to other, more prophetic means.
Biju Belinky

Who Needs a Tarot Reading When We Have Predictive Keyboards?

Get your predictions for the year by letting your iPhone's QuickType feature choose what to say.
Leigh Alexander
Social Media

I Asked a Witch to Help Me With Social Media Overload

If the stars might offer an explanation for the state of the world, could they also suggest a means to help us cope with the cultural overload and the helplessness so many of us feel?
Leigh Alexander
Donald Trump

A Palm Reader Who Claims She Read Donald Trump's Hand Tells All

She says Trump's hand was red and puffy, showing no signs of him becoming president.
Brenna Ehrlich

Why Companies Hire Psychics as Business Consultants

What if knowing who to hire and how to invest was as simple as the flip of a Tarot card?
Arielle Pardes

I Had My Tea Leaves Read by Kim Kardashian's Psychic

I went to have my tea leaves read by spiritualist to the stars, Jayne Wallace. Between her lack of a porcelain cup and her chillingly accurate observations about my relationship with my father, the whole experience can be summed up in one word: spooky.
Gareth May

Inside the Gaudy World of Romania's Wealthiest Witches

The country's fortune tellers have much fancier houses than you ever will.
Lucia Sekerková, Words: Robert Alexe

Does Thailand Secretly Think Its Dictator Is an Idiot?

Prayuth Chan-ocha, who recently seized power, is known for a series of gaffes that go beyond being harmless slips of the tongue and instead come off as borderline insane.
Brendon Hong

Asparagus Can Predict Your Future

Making your urine smell ungodly isn't asparagus' only superpower. It can predict your future, too. I traveled the width of England to meet Jemima Packington, "The World's Only Asparamancer," to have my future told by the mighty spears.
Oli Rahman

I Tested out Three Cambodian Spiritual Practices

In the village where I live and work for a small NGO, folk religion is woven into the way locals experience daily life. People swap tips about the best local fortune-tellers and healers. They chalk skulls and crosses on their door frames to protect...
Nathan A. Thompson