Banks Have the Power to Ruin Your Sex Life

When perfectly legal businesses are blocked from actually making money by banks and services like PayPal, our cultural acceptance of sex is pushed further into the fringes.


Sex Workers Will Finally Be Able to Carry Condoms Without Fear of Arrest in California

The landmark bill also empowers them to report abuse and exploitation.


The Feminist Divide Over Decriminalizing Sex Work

On Monday, the National Organization for Women joined other local groups and a representative for Gloria Steinem to oppose legislation that would decriminalize sex work in New York.


Despite Track Record, Kamala Harris Says She Supports Decriminalizing Sex Work

In a new interview, the senator and presidential hopeful says that we shouldn't "criminalize consensual behavior," but has "no regrets" about supporting FOSTA/SESTA.


The 2020 Democratic Frontrunners Need to Answer for Their Votes on SESTA

SESTA put my sex worker community in severe danger. We need to demand our candidates commit to better policy this primary.


Senator Suggests the Internet Needs a FOSTA/SESTA for Drug Trafficking

The West Virginia Senator suggested the idea during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on social media.


The First Time I Was Paid for Sex

"I was motivated by a nagging curiosity, a voice in my head I couldn't tune out."


Inside the First Sex Worker Town Hall Hosted by a Congressional Candidate

At Congressional candidate Suraj Patel's event, Broadly spoke with organizers and participants about SESTA/FOSTA, decriminalization, and keeping sex workers safe.


The 'Heaux Mentor' Helping Women in the Adult Industry Rebrand

VICE met up with Lydia Dupra to hear how her job and her clients’ lives are changing with the passage of FOSTA/SESTA.


SESTA Won't Stop Sex Trafficking, But It Will Kill Sex Workers

I am a homeless trafficking survivor, and I haven’t been helped at all by this bill — and the sex workers I know have already suffered as a result of it.


Trump Just Signed SESTA/FOSTA, a Law Sex Workers Say Will Literally Kill Them

The controversial Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was framed as anti-trafficking, but it’s already harming consensual sex workers.


Furry Dating Site Shuts Down Because of FOSTA is down, citing the passage of a controversial sex-trafficking bill last week.