Foster Care

Native American

Inside the Native American Foster Care Crisis Tearing Families Apart

A shortage of Native foster families has led to pain, lawsuits, and echoes of a painful history.
Debra Utacia Krol

National Initiative Builds Support Community for Aged-Out Foster Care Kids

One organization is fighting to connect former foster care youth with mentors and critical resources to prepare them for what comes next.
Cayte Bosler

Lawmakers Want to Legalize Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth

The proposed federal legislation follows several states that have made it legal for adoption agencies to refuse to serve queer children and families.
Natalie Pattillo
Parental Advisory

People Who Grow Up in Foster Care Should Have a Say in Fixing It

A researcher who grew up in the UK's system could be among the first to help change it for the better.
Michael Regnier

How Child Protection Agencies Are Trying to Predict Which Parents Will Abuse Kids

America is about to find out what happens when you mix big data with so-called risk factors like race.
Max Rivlin-Nadler

The Woman Who Parents Foster Kids When They're No Longer Kids

A recent court ruling in Texas found the state's foster care system to be so broken that it violated the constitutional rights of the children in it's care. When those children age out the system they often have few life skills and nowhere to go...
Amy Martyn

Tears Flow Over the Suspicious Death of 12-Year-Old Tiahleigh Palmer

On Saturday, Queensland police announced that a decomposed body had been identified as Tiahleigh. Sunday night saw 400 people attend her vigil.
Julian Morgans

British Columbia's Outdated Foster Care System Is Contributing to Homelessness

Once young people age out of BC's broken foster care system, they are offered no support and often end up living on the streets of Vancouver.
Behdad Mahichi

From Foster Homes to Prison: How It Feels to Spend Your Entire Life in State-Run Institutions

After more than 30 years in prison, I have mass incarceration sewn into my flesh and bones. I can't turn away from it or choose not to know it, and it leaves me with little or no capacity for hope.
Arthur Longworth
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Action Swingers and Lumpy and the Dumpers Warmly Welcome You to Total Fuck Off II

Because what's a good party without a little male nudity.
Noisey Staff

From Teenaged Prostitute to Sex Workers' Rights Advocate

Activist Bella Robinson feels victimized by laws intended to help people like her.
Tara Burns

Welcome to the Sausage Castle, Home to Florida's Most Free-Spirited Freaks

How a band of American outcasts created a genuine alternative family for themselves.
Mitchell Sunderland