found footage


[Premiere] Algorithmic Filmmaking Experiment Creates a New Music Video Every Time You Play It

The British band Shaking Chains’ debut single hijacks online video content to create a constantly evolving series of self-contained films.


Matt Kivel's "Velveteen" Video Is a Surreal Journey into 1960s Japan

Found footage illuminates the lush single from the LA singer-songwriter's new LP, 'Fires on the Plain.'


It's Paranoid Erotic Fantasies Vs. a Modular Video Synthesizer

French VJ duo Konpyuta custom-built a modular video synth for their In Aeternam Vale “Feed Me” video.


Unfamiliar Landscapes Emerge from Fractals and Stock Footage

Video and graphic artist Alex Beaumont explores the psychological fragmentation of the Virtual Reality age in his music video for Mister Woo's "Black Eyes."


If the Great Depression Were a Music Video... [Exclusive]

The Tobias Stretch-directed "Dobryy Vechir" brings the atmosphere of the Dust Bowl to Tsyphur Zalan drone music.


Found Test Footage from Inside a Chinese Drone Factory

A DJI customer found 40 seconds of footage on his new drone camera.


Indie Animators Blend Movies and TV Shows into a Story About Smartphone Addiction

Clips from 'The Matrix,' 'Mission Impossible,' 'Princess Mononoke,' weave their way through animation studio Ornana's latest short, 'All Your Favorite Shows!'


[Exclusive Premiere] 'The Clock' Creator Christian Marclay Cuts a New Audiovisual Artwork

Marclay combines music and movie clips into "Fade to Slide" a piece commissioned by Bang on a Can All-Stars—and the result is pure jazz.


VICE Exclusive: Watch a Video from Looper, the Belle and Sebastian Side Project

It's a catchy, minimalist dance tune, and the new video pairs it with some found footage of weird shit, like little kids twirling ribbons and people dancing to disco.


10,000 Amazing Film Clips Available for Free in a Public Domain Database

An inside look at the royalty-free video marketplace Pond5's 80,000 public domain videos, images, and more—available to artists for free—on the Public Domain Project.


GIF Maker Distorts Found Videos into Hallucinatory Animations

Kenaim Alshatti describes his psychedelic, molten lava-esque GIFs as "motion fantasies."


The Memory Hole Collects the 90s Home Movies That Were Too Weird for TV

Memory Hole is a place of horror and wonder. When you're inside the Hole it's easy for minutes to turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into years.