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The Squad

A Trump-Loving Gun Store Is Now Targeting the Squad

A campaign by a North Carolina gun shop includes a billboard and bumper stickers with a biblical theme
Trone Dowd

How to Order the Best Wine, According to Night+Market's Kris and Sarah Yenbamroong

Pro tips from the Los Angeles-based duo, plus the 16 wines you should be drinking right now.
Kris Yenbamroong
Hilary Pollack
sparkling wine

How to Buy Delicious Sparkling Wine When You’re Broke AF

We had one of Brooklyn's most respected wine directors taste five of the cheapest wines money can buy to find out.
Brad Cohen
Make this

This Red Snapper Is Too Delicious to Cook—So Make a Crudo

If you have a really good piece of fish, sometimes the best thing you can do is not even cook it.
Munchies Staff

Dirty Work: Pork Chops and Pine Nut Semifreddo with The Four Horsemen

Nick Curtola of Williamburg, Brooklyn restaurant and wine bar The Four Horsemen stops by to show us how to make three easy, elegant dishes, from snapper crudo to spiced pork chop.
Hilary Pollack
Make this

This Spiced and Seared Pork Chop Is All About the Crust

Just because you have to put away your grill sooner rather than later doesn't mean you can't enjoy supremely seared flesh all year long.
Munchies Staff

Spiced Pork Chop with Mixed Greens Recipe

Simple and elegant, this dish will be your go-to pork chop recipe.
Nick Curtola

Chef's Night Out: Four Horsemen

The Four Horseman of Williamsburg, Brooklyn embark on a food journey that consists mostly of meat.
Nick Curtola
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Notre Dame's Knute Rockne Dies In A Plane Crash, And America Mourns

The death of legendary Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne in a 1931 airplane crash shocked the nation, leading to radically altered safety standards in the aviation industry.
Michael Weinreb
Natural Wine

This Rock Star’s Natural Wine Bar Is Bringing Apocalyptic Change To Brooklyn’s Wine Scene

In June, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem opened The Four Horsemen, a wine bar in Williamsburg, where he and his other three horsemen are changing everything you thought you knew about wine.
Alex Swerdloff