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We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us

We Reviewed Literally Whatever You Sent Us, Volume 24

Everyone has way too much time on their hands.
Colin Joyce
Dessie Jackson
Eric Sundermann

Bootleg Four Loko Is Being Sold in China as 'Lose Virginity Liquor'

Vendors and sellers operating on online shopping portals are marketing Loko under some pretty enticing logos: “Blackout in a can,” “deflowered wine”, and shi shen jiu, meaning “lose virginity liquor.”
Alex Swerdloff
Easter chocolate

Buckfast Easter Eggs Have Pissed Off the Church of Scotland

Buckfast is a tonic wine which, despite being made by monks, has essentially become Scotland’s equivalent of Four Loko, and is synonymous with teen binge-drinking and puking.
Nick Rose

This Bartender Is Leading the Energy Drink Cocktail Revolution

The book has some super fucking crazy cocktail ingredients like placenta, breast milk, Adderall, antacid tablets, cough syrup, tabs of acid, poppers, and a delicate garnish of Pepto-Bismol, to name just a few.
Alex Swerdloff

Energy Drink-Guzzling Teens Are More Likely to Experience Brain Injuries

Researchers found that teenagers who had experienced a traumatic brain injury in the past year were seven times more likely to have consumed five or more energy drinks in the past week than teens who hadn’t had such injuries.
Hilary Pollack

Watch Bowl Ethereal's "The Last Minute," Featuring Art-Metal Badass Pen Rollings

We talked to "math rock" OG Pen Rollings and his new partner Brian Metz about their new project Bowl Ethereal, drinking Four Loko for promo pics, and how defining yourself by your sexuality is dumb.
Jordan N. Mamone
The Greatest Things Of All Time

The Best Songs About Four Loko Ever of All Time

After yesterday's "FOUR LOKO IS GETTING BANNED" scare, we look back.
Drew Millard
Internet Exploring

A Close Reading of DJ Khaled's Short Film 'No New Friends'

DJ Khaled has finally broken into the world of film, and it's nothing if not crazy and delusional.
Dan Buyanovsky