Your Local Theater Might Never Screen Classics Like 'Die Hard' Again, Thanks to Disney

Disney is refusing to let some independent theaters show movies from 20th Century Fox's catalog, from 'Alien' to 'The Sound of Music.'


'Family Guy' Is 20 Years Old and America Still Can't Decide if It Sucks

Seth MacFarlane's animated sitcom has been offending people for 20 years, today.


'There's Bulletproof Glass, And I'm Not Safe': Former FOX Host Speaks Out

In the final episode of season two of "The Scarlet Letter Reports," Amanda Knox speaks with Tamara Holder, who lost her career in television after she made claims against a FOX executive.


Even Geraldo Rivera Says the Fox News Spin on Mollie Tibbetts's Death Is Gross

"This is a murder story. It’s not an immigration story."


'The Sandlot' Is Getting a Prequel Because Nothing Is Sacred

Apparently the plot has something to do with the origin of the legendary demon dog, the Beast.


Ryan Reynolds Is Working on a Bonkers Stoner Remake of 'Home Alone'

There's no word yet if Macaulay Culkin will star in 'Stoned Alone,' but we can hope.


Important World Cup Investigation: Do You Hear 'Zhirkov' or 'Jerkoff'?

A whole new audience is being introduced to the Russian national team player Yuri Zhirkov. And they can't stop giggling about it.


Comcast Wants to Buy Fox, and the Post-Net Neutrality Corporate Takeover of the Internet Begins

America's weak regulatory system presents MERGER MANIA: A dystopian thriller about corporate dominance of the internet.


Japanese First Pitch Gets Real Weird, Real Fast

A demonic wrestling robot (??) pitched to a fox, and then a mouse-monkey served as referee as the fox charged the mound. What is happening?


Fox News: We Can Save Kids From School Shooters By Shooting Schools With This Water Cannon

A Fox News video is seriously advocating the use of a militarized water cooler cannon as a way to evacuate kids from schools.


Comcast Is Already Hated—and It's About to Become a Lot More Powerful

With Comcast buying up broadcasters to cement its domination of the emerging streaming video market, it's about to get a lot worse.


Desus and Mero Break Down That Old O.J. Simpson Interview

In 2006, O.J. shared how he "hypothetically" committed murder in between bits of laughter.