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'Fox & Friends' Is Mad That Kacey Musgraves Cussed About Gun Violence

The network glossed over Musgraves' "please stop killing people" message to express consternation over her use of a certain four-letter word.


Fox News Has a Slightly Different Take on Trump's Racist Rants

The pro-Trump media feedback loop was on full display Monday.


Why Does This Man on 'Fox and Friends' Have So Many Eggs?

Why are multiple people at this Wisconsin diner tucking into ten-egg platters?


Fox News is hawking a racist “Build the wall” Lego knockoff

One set shows a Trump-like figure in a hardhat standing in front of a grey brick wall. On the other side of the wall is a man in a sombrero


Trump may have just called out Fox News as fake news

Trump just accused the Dems of spreading a rumor that nobody but Fox News was talking about.


Trump says he shouldn’t be impeached because “everyone would be very poor”

“I don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job"


'Fox & Friends' Booked the Wrong Guest and Got an Anti-Trump Tirade

The morning show thought it had booked a pro-ICE Democrat. It was wrong.


Trump Jr. turns to Fox News to wish his dad a happy birthday: "Hopefully he's watching"

"I don’t get to see him that much anymore; that’s the only problem,” the president's large adult son said Thursday.


This Democrat Kissed His Husband in a Campaign Ad on Fox to 'Piss Off Trump'

It's a historic first for American political ads.


I Joked I’d Rather My Daughter Date MS-13 Than the GOP and Now Everyone’s Mad

People were messaging me and in some cases threatening to murder me and my family—which is ironic considering I compared Republicans to a violent gang of criminals.


6 takeaways from Trump's wild "Fox and Friends" call on Melania's birthday

Even by Trumpian standards, the call-in to "Fox and Friends" Thursday morning was ranty and bizarre.


When Your Tweet About Drowning Republicans Ends Up on 'FOX & Friends'

"I maybe did not turn the most delicate phrase when I said that conservative students should be drowned."