fox hunting

fox hunting

A Political Bloodsport: The Hunting Act in 2017 and Beyond

Prime Minister Theresa May reaffirmed her support for fox hunting last month and promised a free vote during the next parliament, but the bloodsport has never been more unpopular.
Jim Weeks

Could Robot Wars Become The Acceptable Face of Exceedingly Violent Bloodsports?

If Robot Wars is a socially acceptable form of gladiatorial combat, why not expand the format to fox hunting, or bullfighting, or bear baiting? You know it makes sense.
Will Magee
The Artist

'The Artist and the Art Collector,' Today's Comic by Anna Haifisch

This week the Artist tells you about the relationship between artists and collectors.
Anna Haifisch
the worst things of all time

The Prodigy's Keith Flint Has Admitted to Going Fox Hunting, and Now Anonymous Are After Him

"Sit tight, Keith—it's going to be a bumpy ride."
Noisey Staff

Scottish Nationalists Anger UK PM by Blocking Fox Hunting Vote

The UK government wanted to relax rules on fox hunting in England and Wales, but the Scottish National Party has stopped the ballot, despite claiming they would only vote on issues north of the border.
Megan White

Here's What the Next Five Years of British Rioting Could Look Like

The new Conservative government could mean enraged students battling with cops and animal lovers beating up fox hunters.
Aaron Bastani

A Night Out with the Flirty Farmers of Britain's Countryside Alliance

About a decade ago, the Alliance was at its prime, with members storming the House of Commons to demand the right to watch their dogs maul foxes to death. But what are they up to in 2015?
Fin Murphy