One Does Not Simply Use Aragorn for Spanish Far-Right Propaganda

Actor Viggo Mortensen is now fighting with Spain's far-right party for using Aragorn in one of their tweets.


'Vanity Fair' Cut James Franco from Cover After Misconduct Accusations

The magazine reportedly digitally scrubbed the actor in a last-minute change before publication.


James Franco Responded to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Him

Franco called the accusations "not accurate" during a tense interview on 'The Late Show.'


James Franco Can't Make His 'Blood Meridian' Movie with Russell Crowe After All

The entire deal fell apart only hours after being announced Thursday because James Franco's team didn't acquire the rights to the book.


The Inventor of Cigarette Filters Just Invented Three-Dimensional Chess

An interview with Ramón Galindo, who has spent the last 60 years developing a ton of inventions.


James Franco Made a Very Angry Toilet-Training Video for Children

Although most videos aimed at teaching toddlers to poop in toilets rely on catchy songs to drive their point home, Franco just screams in a bathroom while wearing a T-shirt and baby-blue boxer briefs.


Gibraltar's Online Gambling Boom Has Made It a Haven for British Expats

Over the last 15-odd years, the Gibraltar government's bet on attracting online gambling companies with low tax rates and other incentives has paid off spectacularly.


​Turning Music into Poems into Music into Art

This week, VICE premiered "This Charming Man," a meta music video from James Franco's band, Daddy, which is based off of a poem cycle inspired by the Smiths. Here are a few words about the project from James, as well as a few original poems.


James Franco Loves Jake Gyllenhaal's Performance in 'Nightcrawler'

He thinks Gyllenhaal's role as a creepy Los Angeles crime videographer signals a career revival.


James Franco Loves the Whiplash of 'Whiplash'

Damien Chazelle’s film about a young jazz drummer and his teacher is the most tension-packed movie of the season.


James Franco's Favorite Books That Defy the White Straight Male Tradition

It includes everyone from Flannery O'Connor to Tony Kushner to Lorrie Moore.


Here's What James Franco Has Been Reading

Every free moment of his last year has been filled with books.