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Frat Bros Behind Racist Video Sue School for Jeopardizing Their 'Success'

Five suspended Theta Tau brothers say the school is "branding them as racist" after their frat used slurs and mocked disabled people in offensive videos.
Drew Schwartz
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Finance Bros Sued for Strippers and Motorboating in the Office

A lawsuit alleges the office culture was "so sexually aggressive" it was "rivaled only by the businesses portrayed in the films 'Boiler Room' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'"
Drew Schwartz

Are The Chainsmokers Really "Just Frat Bro Dudes" in Disguise?

The chart-topping EDM duo's comments in a new Billboard cover story raise questions about a new flavor of dance-music masculinity.
Ezra Marcus
Whatever Bro

We Asked Frat Bros About the Study That Says They Can’t Stop Drinking

This makes keggers a little more depressing.
Jake Kivanc
Sobriety Check

Frat Bros Are Basically Immune to Alcohol Interventions, Says Study

After compiling more than 20 years of research, psychologists have concluded that members of frats are deeply adverse to both alcohol education and intervention. They just want to keep drinking.
Helen Donahue

Women Really Can Have It All: I Got High and Drunk by Beer Bonging Weed Beer

Because I am insane, the chemical magic performed on my body from one weed beer was not enough for me. Not only did I need more, I needed it faster. Here's a run-down of how it went, complete with a recipe for your own weed-infused beer.
Mira Gonzalez

How to Have Gay Sex Without Being Gay

We spoke to Jane Ward, author of Not Gay: Sex between Straight White Men, about the gay sex straight white guys have been having for centuries.
Hugh Ryan