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This Florida Frat Ran a Secret Revenge Porn Facebook Group, Lawsuit Alleges

Now one woman is suing the frat after allegedly finding one of her videos on a private page called the "Dog Pound."
Drew Schwartz
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Frat Bros Behind Racist Video Sue School for Jeopardizing Their 'Success'

Five suspended Theta Tau brothers say the school is "branding them as racist" after their frat used slurs and mocked disabled people in offensive videos.
Drew Schwartz
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Syracuse Frat Made Another Video Mocking a Disabled Person's 'Light Rape'

Theta Tau has been permanently expelled from the New York university, and 18 students involved have been removed from classes.
Lauren Messman
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Syracuse Frat Bros Behind 'Extremely Racist' Video Say It Was Just a 'Skit'

Theta Tau members claimed their "oath" to hate black, Jewish, and Hispanic people was performed as "a satirical sketch."
Lauren Messman
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'Extremely Racist' Video Shows Frat Swearing to Hate Black and Jewish People

The clips posted to a secret Facebook group were also described by Syracuse University as "anti-semitic," "homophobic," and "sexist," which is really an understatement.
Lauren Messman

My Life as a Trans Fraternity Bro

Having your frat brothers raise more than $20,000 to pay for your top surgery shows that life can be full of surprises.
Donald Collins
Rape Culture

'Grossly Offensive' Frat Email Suggests Assaulting Girls for Fun

"Tonight's the type of night that makes fathers afraid to send their daughters away to school."
Kimberly Lawson
sexual assault

Student Hanged Herself After University Failed to Investigate Rape, Suit Claims

A mother claims that administrators at William Paterson University caused her daughter, Cherelle Jovanna Locklear, to commit suicide when they failed to investigate her rape.
Gabby Bess

We Asked Frat Bros About the Study That Says They Can’t Stop Drinking

This makes keggers a little more depressing.
Jake Kivanc
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This Is What Love in Clubland Looks Like

The video for the Blaze's 'Virile' perfectly articulates the romance of fraternity and its place in club culture.
Angus Harrison
Broadly Meets

Amy Ziering Talks Campus Rape and Why No One Believes Women

In this episode of Broadly Meets, we talk to Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Amy Ziering, about how she exposed the campus rape epidemic in her latest documentary, "The Hunting Ground."
Broadly Staff
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This American Bro: A Portrait of the Worst Guy Ever

He has existed for as long as there have been gluttonous men dedicating ceremonies to their own existence. The only things that change are the miscellaneous wristbands he wears, and the brand of energy drink on the promotional T-shirt they gave him.
John Saward