Free Syrian Army


Seven Years of Syria

VICE traveled to the Syria-Lebanon border to meet teen refugees whose youth has been destroyed by war.


US special forces are helping Turkey clear out ISIS strongholds in Syria

Americans will now be fighting alongside both the Turkish military and Kurdish militias in its bid to push the Islamic State further south.


The US is pissing off everyone in northern Syria

America's NATO ally Turkey is fighting US-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria in the wake of mixed messages sent by the US amid the fight against the Islamic State.


The Syrian military just extended a ceasefire, but Syrians are still dying

The previous truce came and went with no noticeable decrease in violence across the country, and government forces are advancing in Aleppo.


US-Backed Rebels Struggle to Fend Off Islamic State Offensive in Northern Syria

Islamic State militants have taken territory from US and Turkish-backed Syrian rebels in an ongoing offensive, and now threaten a key rebel supply line from the Turkish border.


Islamic State Regains Key Stronghold as US Coalition Pounds It With Airstrikes

IS militants seized the Syrian town of al-Rai near the border with Turkey on Monday, as the US and its allies conducted 18 strikes against the group over the weekend.


Rebels Ignored the Islamic State in South Syria, and It's Come Back to Haunt Them

Just two weeks ago a jihadist militia with allegedly close ties to ISIS broke out of its isolated home base in the remote foothills of the Golan Heights, seizing two major towns —Syrian rebels are now scrambling to react.


Syrian Ceasefire Sees Popular Backlash Against Al-Qaeda

Recent clashes between rebels from the secular Free Syrian Army and the hardine religious al-Nusra are a sign of just how serious tensions have become, commanders from both groups told VICE News.


Secret Hospitals and Corrupt Restaurants: Inside the City Awaiting Syrians Escaping War

VICE News witnessed chaotic scenes in the Turkish city of Kilis, which has become the first port of call for tens of thousands of fleeing Syrians and injured rebel fighters.


The War in Syria: 10 VICE News Films Covering the Conflict

For the past five years, VICE News journalists have been on the ground in Syria documenting the rebel struggle, civilian suffering, and the rise of the Islamic State.


The Young Men Who Started Syria's Revolution Speak About Daraa, Where It All Began

The high school kids who wrote an anti-Assad dig on a wall in Daraa didn't imagine that their act of defiance would kickstart the revolution that is devastating the Middle East.