Motherboard & VICE Are Building a Community Internet Network

To protect net neutrality, we need internet infrastructure that isn't owned by big telecom.


Where Is Occupy’s Free Internet Champion?

Five years ago, Motherboard released a doc on Occupy Wall Street hacktivists trying to build a distributed, ad hoc mesh network from the ground up. We caught up with one of them.


Now You Can Build Your Own Private Mesh Network With Phones and Radios

The goTenna Mesh, a small radio device launching on Kickstarter, may bring the masses to mesh networking. A chat with the CEO, Daniela Perdomo.


India Just Banned Zero-Rating. Your Move, FCC.

India’s landmark new open internet policy increases the pressure on American regulators to address a glaring loophole regarding zero-rating.


'Dissent,' a New Type of Security Tool, Could Markedly Improve Online Anonymity

When combined with Tor, Dissent is hard to beat.


101 US Cities Have Pledged to Secure High Speed Internet

Sticking it to the telecom giants, even if the cities need to build it themselves.


What the LinkNYC Project Means for the Average New Yorker

The future is about to get a bit more evenly distributed, thanks to ads.


​Republican FCC Commissioner: You Don’t Need the Internet

And don’t even think about calling it a “human right.”


Time Warner Cable Has Already Been Challenged Over New Net Neutrality Rules

San Diego webcaster objects to TWC’s interconnection policy.


NYC Tech Startups Step Up to Defend Net Neutrality

While Silicon Valley titans are staying mostly on the sidelines.


Rand Paul, Who Accepts Bitcoin Donations, Is Trying to Kill Net Neutrality

Sen. Rand Paul is running for the GOP presidential nomination—and he's also vying for the title of "biggest net neutrality hater."


As Comcast Deal Collapses, the FCC Chairman Emerges as an Open Internet Hero

How Tom Wheeler went from top cable industry lobbyist to public interest champion.