No Evidence the White House Video of Jim Acosta Was Doctored, Forensic Expert Says

But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make people angry.


Amen Dunes Is Back with the Unexpectedly Rousing "Miki Dora"

'Freedom,' the third album from Damon McMahon's ever-evolving indie project, is out March 30.


Tyranny Wins When You Don't Show Up to Fight Back

Our nation will be destroyed by an 'us vs. them' mentality unless we individually make change happen.


Beyoncé Released a New "Freedom" Video For International Day of the Girl

Young girls from around the globe danced to the 'Lemonade' track.


Canada Just Banned Smartphone Unlocking Fees

As of Dec. 1, all newly purchased devices must be unlocked.


A Body-Slammed Reporter and the New American War on Journalism

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Man Shamed, Stalked by Neighbors for Eating Sandwich on Same Street Every Day

“I would hope that finally, the mystery is gone, and I can go back to eating in peace.”


A Year of Lil Wayne: Akon Doesn't Get Enough Credit, and This Song with Wayne and Jeezy Proves It

This is a story about Weezy, Jeezy, Akon, and one enormous yacht


George Michael Was Working On A Documentary, Due to Air in 2017, Before His Death

The film, titled 'Freedom' will feature interviews with Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and more, and is narrated by Michael himself.


Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’ is Still Teaching Me How to Be Free

On her iconic debut album, her refusal to fit into the cookie cutter version of womanhood legitimised my own sense of self.


Ripsy May’s Video for “Dare” Is What True Freedom Looks Like

Pastel-coloured deserts and field full of sunflowers.


'Pee World VR' Is Everything It Sounds Like

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