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Manafort's Daughter's Lawyers Pressured Twitter to Delete Links to Hacked Text Messages

In July, a freedom of information activist dumped an unredacted cache of text messages allegedly hacked from Manafort's daughter's phone.


DHS Did Not Investigate Hundreds of Civil Rights Abuse Complaints, Documents Reveal

DHS’s Office of the Inspector General says it has 'limited resources' to investigate hundreds of civil liberties and detainee abuse complaints, but one expert said the figures “demand a closer look.”


How Twitter Sued the Trump Administration and Won Almost Instantly

Twitter sued Customs and Border Protection on Thursday. By Friday morning, the government withdrew its subpoena for the user information of @ALT_uscis.


The NYPD Sent Video Teams to Hundreds of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Protests

It's not clear if the surveillance went through any kind of legal process.


Documents Reveal Oakland Police Are Borrowing a Powerful New Cell Site Simulator

Documents reveal the agency can use the device at no-cost from a local District Attorney's office, and may access cell data from 'single individual' suspects and 'mass casualty events', though not for 'crowd management.'


City of Seattle Releases Documents, Then Court Orders Them Wiped from the Web

It looks like the city made a mistake, yet private citizens are getting sued.


Exclusive: UK Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria Have Killed Almost 1,000 'Enemy Combatants' — But No Civilians

The figures show a significant spike in casualties from RAF airstrikes since UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said 330 militants had been killed up to September 2015.


Chinese Officials Were Implicated in the Panama Papers, but You Wouldn't Know It in China

China has apparently been blocking search terms and removing online stories that would lead citizens to read about how the relatives of party leaders have been linked to offshore companies.


The FBI Says a Piece of Code Broke Its FOIA System

The episode shows that we are in need of a truly 21st century solution to freedom of information requests.


An Activist Wrote a Script to FOIA the Files of 7,000 Dead FBI Officials

Michael Best wants to build a 'Who's Who' in the FBI.


Exclusive: VICE Data Shows Virtually No London Cops Get Fired for Complaints of Assault

Our FOI request shows that the chances of getting a London police officer sacked for an alleged assault are more or less zero.