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Should People Have Called the Cops Over Cesar Sayoc's MAGA Van?

Last week's arrest of the 56-year-old Republican for allegedly mailing pipe bombs to Trump critics makes you wonder.
Francisco Alvarado
To Hell And Back

Fuck Nazi Metal Sympathy

On North Jersey's Nazi metal problem, and those fighting for a better scene (plus new tunes from Holy Grove, Glacial Tomb, Pijn, and more).
Kim Kelly
Rise Up

Hate Speech Cannot Be Normalized While Americans Grapple With the Limits of Free Speech

The First Amendment and Nazis next door in Trump's America.
Helaina Hovitz
The Rundown

President Trump Called Out Marshawn Lynch for Sitting During the National Anthem in Mexico

Your guide to the NFL protests, what’s working what’s not and what you can do about it.
Impact Staff
Rise Up

After Mike Pence's Walkout, Here’s How to Support NFL Players

The NFL player protests against police brutality continue create controversy on and off the field by the president, vice president, and more.
Impact Staff

It's Time for Ghetts to be Heralded as One of the Greats

Grime's newest, younger fans may not immediately turn to his work—but they should.
Aniefiok Ekpoudom
holy cow

India Wants to Censor the Word ‘Cow’ In a New Documentary

A Harvard economist's documentary is the latest victim of the right-wing agenda.
Ankita Rao
Views My Own

My Weird Battle to Get the President to Unblock Me on Twitter

I don't really know how I wound up here.
Jules Suzdaltsev

The Guy Who Saved Your iPhone From Hackers Is Stuck in a UAE Jail

'Million dollar dissident' Ahmed Mansoor’s actions protected millions of iPhone users from sophisticated spyware. If you care about your privacy and security, you should be fighting for his release.
Tanya O'Carroll
online censorship

Turkey Has Blocked Wikipedia and Is Censoring Twitter

President Erdoğan's crackdown on voices of dissent is expanding to the internet.
Farid Farid
Wicked Burn

This Indie Space Network Launched the ‘First Protest in Space’ Targeting Trump

'LOOK AT THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH' reads a suborbital tweet paraphrasing Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.
Becky Ferreira

What to Bring to a Peaceful Protest

The gear you should bring when exercising your Constitutional right to peaceably assemble, and what you should leave behind.
Samantha Cole