Girl Talk Has Quietly Become a Great Rap Producer

A new track with Young Nudy is just the latest in a long run of excellent hip-hop singles that the mash-up star has been involved with.
Colin Joyce
mountain lions

Highways Are Driving Cougars to Inbreeding and Extinction In Southern California

SoCal's mountain lions are on track to be wiped out within 50 years, but conservation projects could save them.
Becky Ferreira
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Man Vapes on LA Freeway Sign Before Backflipping to the Ground

Wearing only his boxers, the guy brought traffic to a two-hour standstill during rush hour.
Lauren Messman
A Year of Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's "Cannon" Verse Shot Him to Another Level

“I'm sick, I don't spit, I vomit, got it? / One egg short of the omelet.”
Kyle Kramer

Philthy Rich, Freeway, and Paul Wall Commemorate The Jacka's Passing with "King Jack"

Listen to the premiere of the song from Philthy's upcoming album on the one-year anniversary of The Jacka's death.
Kyle Kramer
we saw this

I Saw Jay Z Play All His B-Sides on My Birthday and Remembered Why He Is the Greatest

Jay Z promoted TIDAL with a concert of rarities and unexpected cameos for diehard fans in New York City.
Dan Buyanovsky
the drug war

A Drug Kingpin and His Racket: The Untold Story of Freeway Rick Ross

Before becoming an infamous drug kingpin, Freeway Rick Ross learned his most valuable lessons on the tennis courts of South Central LA.
Tal Pinchevsky

America's Infrastructure Is Slowly Falling Apart

And here are the projects that prove it.
Bill Bradley

What the Hell is Girl Talk Up to These Days?

Between taking his dog to the vet, Girl Talk is making hip-hop productions and fighting the good fight for sample-based music.
VICE Thump

We Had a Calm Conversation with Noted Ankle Breakers Girl Talk and Freeway

We talked about mashups, Ice Cube, and the weird state of rap labels.
Skinny Friedman