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Bored French Soldiers Are Traveling to Iraq to Fight the Islamic State

VICE News met with three former French soldiers who left France to help the Kurdish Peshmerga battle Islamic State militants near Mosul.
Pierre-Simon Assouline

The UN Completely Failed Sexually Abused Boys in the Central African Republic

An independent review panel has found glaring and systematic failures in the UN's handling of child sexual abuse allegations in the Central African Republic, which it called "seriously flawed."
Samuel Oakford

Young French People Are Flocking to Enlist in the Wake of Paris Attacks

President Hollande has said France is at war, and the number of people hoping to join the armed forces has tripled in the past week.

France Just Can't Put Enough Boots on the Ground to Wipe Out the Islamic State

The powerful French military can do serious damage to IS, and do so in spectacular fashion. But winning a ground war against a brutal insurgency would be a very different story.
Ryan Faith

French Troops Face Another Sexual Abuse Allegation in the Central African Republic

In the latest incident involving foreign troops in the African nation, a French soldier is accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl and fathering her child.
Pierre Longeray

Explosives, Grenades, and Detonators Stolen from French Army Base

The thieves cut through two rows of fencing surrounding the compound and broke into nine warehouses used to stockpile ammunition for France’s foreign missions.
Pierre Longeray

France Suspends Two Soldiers Serving in Burkina Faso Over Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

According to a local police source, the authorities were alerted by the father of a five-year-old girl who was reportedly molested by one of the soldiers.
Pierre Longeray

France Unveils Revised Military Strategy Following Paris Terror Attacks

France’s defense minister has announced more troops to combat Islamist insurgents in Africa's Sahel and a continued military presence on French soil, in the wake of January's terror attacks.
Pierre Longeray
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Boko Haram Launches Its First Ever Attack on Niger

The Nigerian militant group struck the Niger border town of Bosso days before Niger’s parliament is set to vote on whether to send troops into Nigeria.
Pierre Longeray
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French Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly to Continue Attacking the Islamic State

Lawmakers from the French National Assembly and Senate voted almost unanimously to continue airstrikes on the militant group as part of a US-led coalition.
Pierre Longeray