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A French Chef Is Suing the Michelin Guide After It Accused Him of Using Cheddar Cheese

After being docked a star, a "depressed" Marc Veyrat unsuccessfully demanded that Michelin remove his restaurant from the guide entirely.


French Chef Who Gave Michelin Stars Back Last Year Gets Them This Year Anyway

“I made my position clear last year and I still feel the same still," Sebastian Bras said.


Behind the Scenes at the World's Most Metal Cassoulet Party

The five-day, trans-Atlantic feast hosted at Chicago's Publican Quality Meats has been going annually for six years now.


French Food Actually Sucks Now, Says Head of French Tourism Council

French ambassador and tourism council head Philippe Faure says food in the provinces is "lamentable" and "not good." How the mighty have fallen.


Un-BRIE-Lievable! French Scientists Have Discovered a New Cheese-Ripening Trick

Many in France are not happy with the development. You could say they're feeling... bleu.


King Henry IV's 420-Year-Old Chicken Recipe Still Sounds Pretty Tight

Make the French monarch's 'poule-au-pot' tonight.


The Curious History of French Onion Soup, Paris's Timeless Hangover Cure

The story of the classic dish starts with King Louis XV's First World problems. A putrid cemetery with 'flesh-eating' soil also makes an appearance.


Watch Action Bronson Eat Tuna Spinal Fluid and Smoked Veal Brain in France

In the final installment of 'From Paris with Love,' Action leaves Paris for rural France. And drinks a ton of wine.


I Survived the First Year of the Trump Presidency By Becoming Obsessed with French Food

Every time Trump signed a discriminatory executive order, I opened up one of my recipe books and found something to cook.


Paris's Essential Two-Ingredient Sandwich Is Having a Renaissance

The Parisien, or "jambon-beurre," is just ham and butter on baguette—but its perfect simplicity was under threat for decades.


Watch Part Deux of Action Bronson's Paris Special

Bam Bam is hungry for more.


Famous French Chef Renounces His Three Michelin Stars

"Maybe I will be less famous, but I accept that."