We're Sitting on a Groundwater 'Time Bomb,' Scientists Warn

Climate change could disrupt nearly half of the world's groundwater supply within 100 years.
Becky Ferreira

One Fracking Well Can Suck Up 250,000 Bathtubs' Worth of Water in Less Than a Week

A new study examines the impact of fracking on streams in Arkansas.
Stephen Leahy
right to water

An Arctic Community Is in Danger of Running Out of Fresh Water

Iqaluit is a booming Arctic city.
Lisa Cumming
Water, Water, Everywhere

Road Salt is Turning North America's Freshwater Lakes into Saltwater

If current trends continue, many freshwater lakes in the US and Canada will be too salty for human use or aquatic life.
Grennan Milliken

This Japanese Fisherman Discovered Bolivia’s Only Giant Freshwater Clams

Twenty years ago, Gustavo Mizushima, whose family moved from Japan to Bolivia in the aftermath of World War II, discovered giant clams on his fish farm. No one knows how they got there, but the mollusks are now in demand from specialist Santa Cruz...
Sorrel Moseley-Williams

An Island on a Lake on an Island on a Lake on an Island

NASA just published photos of the world's largest sub-sub-sub island.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Amazon's Biggest Prehistoric Fish Is Delicious and Dying

Arapaima, one of the oldest fish in the Amazon, feeds on other fish and can jump out of the water to grab a snack—like a bird or small land mammal. Its massive scales are used as nail files by people living in the area. But because it's also very tasty...
Munchies Staff