New Project Lets You Reenact Einstein and Freud’s Remarkable Correspondence

Typographer Harald Geisler's latest Kickstarter project will let you mail Einstein and Freud's pacifist letters to a friend...or your oppressors.
Noémie Jennifer

Two Museums Duked It Out in a Twitter-Fueled Super Bowl Fight | Last Week in Art

Plus, breaking news: Did Mona Lisa have syphilis?
Nathaniel Ainley
dream dealing with zZz

​Dream Dealing with zZz: H. Jon Benjamin’s Mid-Life Crisis Nightmare

The comedian, who provides the unmistakable voices of the titular characters on 'Archer' and 'Bob's Burgers,' described a recent dream to us and analyzed it himself. Then we sent it to a Jungian analyst and dream expert to get a second take.
Zach Sokol

A New Documentary Explores What Marlon Brando Thought of Marlon Brando

We talked to the director Stevan Riley and Brando's daughter Rebecca about the legendary actor's life and titanic legacy.
Janaki Challa

Why Is Incest Porn So Popular?

There's been an increase in the consumption of porn in which the actors pretend to be related, but is incest really what the fans want, or do they just crave something more outrageous than the last thing they saw?
Gareth May

Technology Is Making Us Stupid

In Nicholas Carr's the <i>Glass Cage</i>, the Pulitzer-shortlisted author makes a compelling argument on the way technology has failed us—from aircraft autopilot to GPS maps—and the perils of being forever trapped in the beam of our smartphones.
David Whelan

What Do Porn Stars Dream About?

I went to the ​Exxxotica convention in New Jersey to ask porn stars and other adult performers about the other sorts of escapades that happen in their beds.
Roc Morin
Girl Writer

The Stages of Grief for the Chronically Single

I had to go through a bunch of emotions before I could finally end up at my current state of being not at all worried about my perpetual singleness. Those emotions look strangely like the traditional stages of grief.
Alison Stevenson

Science or Art: Which Can Tell You More About Your Sex Life?

A new exhibition at the UK's Wellcome Collection juxtaposes the research of sexologists with X-rated art in order to ask if science or art has more to say about the beast with two backs.
Rachel Segal Hamilton

Why Do Some of Us Feel Sad After an Orgasm?

Called post-coital tristesse by people who know about such things, the melancholy one can feel after sex is actually a very well documented phenomenon. So is there a cure?
Daniel Woolfson

French Philosopher Jacques Lacan Was Sort of a Dick

Lacan was a psychiatrist, an icon, and "the most controversial psychoanalyst since Freud." But that doesn't mean he was a good guy.
Eugene Wolters

How America Interrupted Wilhelm Reich's Orgasmic Utopia

In July of 1947, Dr. Wilhelm Reich—a brilliant but controversial psychoanalyst who had once been Freud’s most promising student, who had enraged the Nazis and the Stalinists as well as the psychoanalytic, medical, and scientific communities, who had...
Jason Louv