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It’s Safe to Say Skrillex Has Rejoined From First To Last

The heavyweight producer returns to his post-hardcore roots.
Krystal Rodriguez
Holy Shit

Skrillex Just Performed With From First To Last For the First Time Since 2007

And there's video.
Lauren O'Neill

Somehow Skrillex Might Just Make Emo Great Again in 2017

Forget Lil Peep. If "emo" is making any sort of comeback this year, it's going to sound like From First to Last's "Make War."
Emma Garland

Skrillex Reunites With His Former Band, From First To Last, for Their New Single, “Make War”

Skrillex co-wrote, sang on and produced the track.
Britt Julious
Holy Shit

Skrillex Reunites with From First to Last and Releases New Song, "Make War"

Hell of a way to celebrate your birthday, Sonny.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Skrillex is Recording New Music With From First To Last, So It’s Time to Cut a Fringe Back In

Dear Diary, This Is The Best News I’ve Heard All Year
Lauren O'Neill
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Has Skrillex Reunited with His Old Emo Band From First To Last?

Sonny Moore played what seems like a new song from the group on OWSLA's Beats 1 show.
Alexander Iadarola
Old MySpace Profile of The Week

We Have All Been Skrillex's 2006 Myspace Page

Sonny Moore: man, myth, cross-generational icon we didn’t know we needed until he came along and did everything the most.
Emma Garland

I Stalked Skrillex and Now I Know Everything About His Screamo Band

These videos will show you everything you need to know about his angsty emo kid years.
Elizabeth de Moya