The VICE Morning Bulletin

The FBI says foreign hackers broke into state voter databases, scientists have detected a radio signal from space, Gene Wilder has died at age 83, and more.


France's parliament says intelligence 'failed' before the 2015 terror attacks

An inquiry committee urged the government to create a single intelligence agency to prevent failures like those that let the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan terrorists slip through.


The Number of Migrants Arriving in Greece Has Plummeted

The data represents the first full month since a highly controversial deal was signed between the EU and Turkey aimed at stymieing the flow of asylum seekers arriving in Europe.


The Pope Visited Refugees on a Greek Island and Took Three Families Back to Rome on His Papal Plane

The visit crystallized the Pope's repeated and increasingly urgent pleas to Europe's leaders to remain compassionate in their handling of the refugee crisis.


Europe Has a New Plan to Keep Migrants and Refugees Out of the Cold This Winter

The European Union and the UN’s refugee agency have agreed to create enough shelter space to house 100,000 migrants and refugees traveling through Greece and the Balkans.


On The Line: Milène Larsson Discusses Europe’s Migrant Crisis

VICE News journalist Milène Larsson joined 'On The Line' to discuss Europe’s migrant crisis, and her reporting for the “Europe or Die” series.


The European Union Plans to Speed Up the Deportation of Illegal Migrants

The various measures discussed by EU interior ministers includes an increase in the "detention capacity" of their countries to lock up migrants awaiting deportation.


A Record 4,400 Migrants Were Rescued on the Mediterranean in a Single Day

People were saved from unseaworthy vessels in 22 separate operations as smugglers took advantage of ideal conditions to launch more boats than usual.


Europe Launches Naval Operation to 'Attack Smugglers' in Response to Migrant Crisis

The first phase of the plan to dismantle Mediterranean migrant trafficking networks begins next week, but later phases still require approval from Libya and the UN Security Council.


Fortress Europe: The Billion Dollar Machine That Keeps Migrants at Bay

Part 1 of a two-part VICE News series examining the multi-billion dollar finances of European border control — how much gets spent and who pockets the cash?


The Number of Migrants Trying to Reach Europe via Greece Has Surged by 500 Percent

The number of migrants and refugees crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece has reportedly increased dramatically due to the dangerous situation in Libya.


Alleged Captain of Migrant Boat Disaster Appears in Court as Critics Call EU Leaders' Pledge 'Not Enough'

Alleged captain of a migrant boat crammed with hundreds of migrants faces possible charges of homicide and people-trafficking, while EU leaders announce measures to boost search-and-rescue operations