Treat Yourself to a Health Shopping Spree

Now is the perfect time to max out your free and discounted health benefits for 2018.


Syrian Ceasefire Sees Popular Backlash Against Al-Qaeda

Recent clashes between rebels from the secular Free Syrian Army and the hardine religious al-Nusra are a sign of just how serious tensions have become, commanders from both groups told VICE News.


Secret Hospitals and Corrupt Restaurants: Inside the City Awaiting Syrians Escaping War

VICE News witnessed chaotic scenes in the Turkish city of Kilis, which has become the first port of call for tens of thousands of fleeing Syrians and injured rebel fighters.


The War in Syria: 10 VICE News Films Covering the Conflict

For the past five years, VICE News journalists have been on the ground in Syria documenting the rebel struggle, civilian suffering, and the rise of the Islamic State.


Russia Claims It's Working With Free Syrian Army Alongside Assad's Troops

If you thought the Syrian conflict couldn't get any more complicated, think again — Putin says the Russian military is supporting the Free Syrian Army in joint operations with Assad's troops.


A Battle For Hearts and Minds: Terror Groups Compete With the West for Rebel Recruits in Jordan

With its mass influx of Syrian refugees, Jordan has become a fertile recruitment ground for both the United States and its allies, and extremist groups such as Islamic State and Al Nusra.


If the US Doesn’t Arm Syrian Rebels, Someone Will

"I expect modern anti-aircraft weaponry soon," a Free Syrian Army commander told Motherboard.


Barrel Bombs and Artillery Take Heavy Toll on Vital Rebel Offensive in Syria's South

VICE News gained exclusive access to Syria's Southern Front, the largest force in the Free Syrian Army. The rebels are struggling and want the West to provide air support — but that looks highly unlikely.


Why No One Cares If Eating Your Duck Medium-Rare May Kill You

The British Food Standards Agency now says that duck should never be served pink. Steve Wearne, director of policy at the British food agency, said: "We recognize that many people choose not to take that advice, but that does lay them open to risks."


Safety Experts Say Think Twice Before Donating to Food Kickstarters

A recent food safety conference turned to the topic of crowdfunding websites, and how sure we can be that the gluten-free Cronut business you just backed is adhering to food safety regulation.


Most UK Chicken Is Contaminated and Shoppers Are Pissed

Eight out of ten fresh chickens purchased at UK supermarkets were infected with the food poisoning bug campylobacter. And the British government seems reluctant to do anything about it.


Syrian Rebels Are Uploading Videos of Themselves Using American Weapons

We might be watching our covert tax dollars at work.