The Controversial Gay Author Who Writes Gays Coming of Age Amidst Fascism

Édouard Louis's debut novel caused a sensation in his native France for its depiction of what it’s like to be a gay boy in an impoverished, Marine Le Pen-loving village. And now, five days before the French election, an English translation is hitting...
Mitchell Sunderland
the vice reader

Are We Too Quick to Call Everyday Assholes Narcissists?

Kristin Dombek's new book 'The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism' takes on our culture's tendency to overdiagose.
Sabra Embury
the vice reader

Vivian Gornick on Feminism, Friendship, and Her New Memoir 'The Odd Woman and the City'

Plus loneliness, cultural decline, and all the other fun stuff that comes from a life in letters in New York City.
Anna Wiener
the vice reader

Amelia Gray Shoots for Your Guts

We asked the 'Gutshot' author about sex, scars, her new book, and the Bible as a literary object.
Juliet Escoria
the vice reader

Read a Story from Alejandro Zambra's Collection, 'My Documents'

"The Most Chilean Man" is a story from Alejandro Zambra's new story collection, <i>My Documents</i> (McSweeney's), which comes out February 10.
Alejandro Zambra

Why Liverpool Let Its Neighborhood Go To Hell

Liverpool is one of the richest sports teams in the world, but to make themselves even richer, the team set loose urban decay on their neighbors.
Aaron Gordon
the vice reader

An Excerpt from John Darnielle's 'Wolf in White Van'

John Darnielle, best known as the guy behind the Mountain Goats, just came out with a book about a dude with a fucked-up face who runs role-playing games by mail. It's pretty good!
John Darnielle
the vice reader

Emily Gould's New Novel 'Friendship' Reads Like a Young Adult Novel About Adult Problems

We sat down with Emily Gould to discuss her new book and her online feminist bookstore, Emily Books.
Sarah Nicole Prickett