Ref Ted Valentine Turns Back on UNC Player Asking for a Call

"TV Teddy" struck again during a nationally televised game between the Tar Heels and Florida State.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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FSU Strength Coach Suspended for DUI Arrest After Swigging Whisking in His Office…and TV Crew's Trailer

While filming a documentary, Showtime crews gave FSU's strength coach a bottle of whiskey. He drank it at the facility and then got a DUI.
Mike Vorkunov
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FSU QB Michelle Roque Continues to Absolutely Slay at Flag Football

Those flags couldn't be safer in Fort Knox.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Jameis Winston

The Jameis Winston Rape Lawsuit Has Some Damaging New Information

The lawsuit filed by Erica Kinsman, Jameis Winston's accuser, contains two new bits of information that could prove damaging to Winston in court.
Jessica Luther

Jameis Winston Accuser's Civil Suit Against FSU Alleges a Second Rape

A Title IX civil suit filed against FSU by Jameis Winston's accuser includes an allegation that Winston has committed at least two rapes.
Jessica Luther

What's Next for Jameis Winston?

With Jameis Winston's collegiate career all but over, the focus shifts to what lies next for both the most embattled and prized prospect in sports.
Jack Ross

Jameis Winston Conduct Hearing Transcript Reveals Mass Confusion and Bizarre Decision-Making

After obtaining exclusive access to the Jameis Winston conduct hearing transcript, Jessica Luther uncovers a series of bizarre, confusing issues.
Jessica Luther
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How Much Is a Degree Worth to College Athletes? Not Much

The NCAA insists that college athletes benefit from their degrees, but a mounting pile of evidence says otherwise.
Kevin Trahan
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Three Students Wounded, Gunman Dead After Florida University Shooting

One victim is in critical condition after a shooter opened fire at Florida State University's campus in Tallahassee. The shooter was killed by police after apparently opening fire on officers.
Hannah Strange
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Dumb Idea Replaces Dumb Idea: The NCAA Football Playoff

Why is the football playoff selection committee bothering with the contrived system of seven more top-25 rankings?
Smriti Sinha
The Cusp

Xavier Rathan-Mayes Is Ready, Are You?

A lost year for college basketball prospect Xavier Rathan-Mayes is in the rearview mirror and he's ready to light it up for FSU this season.
VICE Sports
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Jameis Winston and the NCAA's Golden Cage of Privilege

Ever since becoming a college football demigod, Jameis Winston's off-the-field life has been defined by the privileges the NCAA can both grant and deny.
Tomas Rios