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Sterling Brown Lawsuit Reveals Racist Facebook Memes from Cops

The Milwaukee Bucks rookie has filed a civil rights suit against the City of Milwaukee, alleging police violated the equal protection clause, used excessive force, and unlawfully arrested him.
Liam Daniel Pierce

PREMIERE: Nocando and Fat Tony Reason with Trigger Happy Police with "Lemme Live"

One day we won't have to make songs like these...
Craig Jenkins

It’s Not Just Ferguson: Protesting Police Violence in LA

Since 2000, the police in LA have shot and killed more than 500 people. It's in the wake of that violence, disproportionately directed toward poor communities of color, that hundreds of people took to the streets of downtown LA to protest police...
Charles Davis

Don't Smoke Out Your Neighbors

I smoked out my friend's neighbor, and then the neighbor made me call the cops because he was hallucinating that he was a victim of a home invasion.
T. Kid

Strippers Are Suing the San Diego Police for Making Them Pose for Photos in Their Underwear

Working on the San Diego Police Department's vice squad is like being a fraternity bro with a gun holster—which is why 30 strippers are now suing the SDPD for what they call harassment from the cops.
Arielle Pardes
The Blobby Boys & Friends

Part 12

The Blobby Boys are slimy green guys in a rock band that's really more of a street gang. In this episode they wage a war with the cops that ends with the Blobby Boys possibly dead or missing. Who will survive? What will be left of them?
Alex Schubert

'Deadly Force' Tonight at Spectacle

On August 4, 1977 Ronald Burkholder––biochemist, penguin researcher, and laser specialist––was shot six times outside his laboratory by the LAPD. He died immediately after. Tonight I am screening Richard Cohen's documentary Deadly Force, the...
Hamilton Morris

Eighty-One Years for Weed?

Here’s how absurd the war on drugs has gotten: an activist from Keene, New Hampshire, is facing 81 years in prison for dealing marijuana, and while he's admitted to the crime, he’s still fighting the case in court today in hopes the jury will acquit...
Harry Cheadle