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‘Late Shift’ Is an Intriguing Failure of an FMV ‘Game’

Wales Interactive’s latest is neither an interactive movie nor a video game, but as a curious experiment it shows potential.


More Than Fuzzy Nostalgia, FMV Games Still Matter Today

‘Her Story’ did wonders for reviving a seemingly dead gaming genre—and since then, many more developers have been having fun with real actors.


'Her Story' Is a Rabbit Hole of a Murder Mystery, and So, So Brilliant

While the game is set in the modern day, the player is dead dropped on to a 90s police computer terminal and left to rummage through recordings of multiple interrogation sessions from 1994.


I’ll Never Love a Console Like I Loved the Sega CD

It was far from Sega's greatest idea, but the Genesis's CD expansion arrived at a memorable time.