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The Grim Reality Behind the Scenes of 'Fuller House' Is Anything but Wholesome

The show's creator, Jeff Franklin, has been accused of toxic behavior in the writers' room, from bragging about orgies to making racist comments.
Drew Schwartz

The Future of the Sitcom Is in the Past

Traditional networks are increasingly looking at rebooting old shows and that might actually be a win for progressives.
Jaime Weinman
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'Fuller House' Is Coming Back for a Second Season Whether You Like It or Not

Poor reviews apparently didn't deter Netflix from giving the Tanners another season of family-friendly television.
Lincoln Michel

Stop Rebooting TV Shows, You Lazy Assholes

When networks are stooping to revive not-good-the-first-time trash like "MAD TV," it's time to pull the plug on television's necrophilia trend.
Harry Cheadle
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Bob Saget Joined Carly Rae Jepsen On Stage to Perform the Fuller House Theme

TV dad is as awkward in real life.
John Hill
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Everything I Learned About DJing From Netflix’s ‘Full House’ Reboot

An electronic music novice learns about Coachella, trombone samples, and tomato soup from the streaming service's strangest sitcom.
Sean Egan

How Incest Porn Is Making a Comeback

From the "Full House" porn parody to the "Cruel Intentions" TV spinoff, onscreen (faux) family fucking is captivating contemporary audiences. Does it count as incest if it's your stepbrother?
Mish Barber Way