fun with science

fun with science

How to Get Someone to Let Their Guard Down

There's a fine line between intimacy and manipulation.
Caroline Beaton
fun with science

MRIs Say We’re All Needy Attention Seekers on Facebook

Our brains follow a predictable pattern when it comes to sharing stories.
Dene Moore
fun with science

Guess Who Sleeps Just Fine After Having Kids

A study found that having children affects moms more than dads.
Susan Rinkunas
fun with science

Could Snail Slime Be the Future of Pain Relief?

Scientists are excited about a pain-killing compound they found in a little stinging sea snail.
Kastalia Medrano
fun with science

The Science of Why You Can't Carry a Tune

Singing requires a surprising amount of coordination.
Tim Falconer
fun with science

Why Do People Cry More on Planes?

The Mile Cry Club is a thing.
Adam Lewis
fun with science

Sex, Drugs, and Music Are All the Same to Your Brain

A pill that blocks a drug high ruins music enjoyment, too.
Nick Keppler
fun with science

Compliments Are Like Mini-Orgasms for Your Brain

The science behind why high praise lifts your mood.
K. Aleisha Fetters
fun with science

Can Analyzing Your Spit and Blood Make You a Better Athlete?

Maybe—but the science still has some catching up to do.
Christine Yu
fun with science

Your Genes Influence Who You Settle Down With

And your top candidate will likely seem familiar.
Dan Roe
fun with science

Why a Single Run Makes You Smarter

And other low-impact ways to enhance your brain.
Denny Watkins
fun with science

Doctors May Have Figured Out a Way to Heal Scar Tissue

Fat cells to the rescue.
Paul Spencer