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A College Kid Is Using Biden's Text Code to Raise Money for Pete Buttigieg

“Go to Joe30330,” Biden said at the end of the debate. And Joshua Fayer jumped into action.
Trone Dowd

The Democratic Party Is Getting Crushed in Fundraising: "They Need to Get Their Shit Together"

Chairman Tom Perez has not fixed the DNC's fundraising woes.
Cameron Joseph

Trump and the RNC Are Giving Democrats a Run for Their Money (Literally)

Together, President Trump and the Republican National Committee raised more than $105 million in the second fundraising quarter.
Cameron Joseph
Notre Dame

Donations to rebuild Notre Dame have already hit almost $770 million

The rebuilding efforts could take years and hundreds of millions of dollars.
Emma Ockerman

Trump is raking in mountains of cash ahead of 2020

A lot of people apparently want to keep him in the White House
David Gilbert
Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is running a different kind of campaign — and it just might be working

The 2020 Democrat who's come out with the most policy proposals just posted $6 million in first-quarter fundraising
Rex Santus
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Bernie is killing Kamala and Mayor Pete in fundraising

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled in $18.2 million in just 41 days.
Rex Santus
White Nationalism

Austrian white nationalist accused of ties to New Zealand mosque shooter is making money off YouTube

Martin Sellner raked in €​545 from donations during one, 45-minute press conference on YouTube, where he denied having ties to the New Zealand mosque shooter.
Tess Owen

Beto O’Rourke tops the field in first-day fund-raising, but he's being vague about it

The Texan's reluctance to share specifics about the donations has invited skepticism
Rex Santus
2020 election

Bernie Sanders just crushed his competition in the first 24 hours of fundraising for his presidential campaign

Sanders raked in nearly $4.5 million more than the no. 2 fundraiser, Sen. Kamala Harris.
Rex Santus
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Democratic women worked hard for their money (and it paid off)

Forget the blue wave. There’s a “green wave,” of cash, heading Democrats’ way.
Carter Sherman
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"Bigfoot erotica" is now a campaign issue

VICE News' weekly newsletter following the record number of women running for office.
Carter Sherman