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The life-sized way New Orleans honors its dead

A local print shop provides a key element of NOLA's traditional celebratory jazz funerals
Cassandra Giraldo

How I Got Out of Bed the Day After My Mother's Funeral

"The morning after the hardest day of my life, the day I buried my mother, I learned a sobering truth: People go on with their lives."
Candice Benbow

Morticians Explain How People Choose Their Last Outfits

From a simple shroud to Aretha Franklin's multiple costume changes, here's how to pick the clothes you'd literally be caught dead in.
Ilise S. Carter
To Hell And Back

What Does a Metalhead Wear to a Funeral?

Sometimes an all-black wardrobe is more of a curse than a blessing (plus new tunes from Blackrat, High Cost, Dropdead, and more).
Kim Kelly
Noisey News

Watch the Live Stream from Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Bill Clinton, Stevie Wonder, and Ariana Grande will all pay tribute to the "Queen of Soul," who died earlier this month.
Alex Robert Ross
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Family Poses Slain Teen's Body with PlayStation and Doritos at His Funeral

Renard Matthews's family wanted to remember the 18-year-old just as he lived.
River Donaghey

I Learned About My Dad’s Secret Family After His Death

“Even after you’re dead, people are eventually going to find out about who you really were.”
Ollie Start

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Was Beamed to a Black Hole During His Funeral

Hawking’s message to preserve the planet was radioed into space during his Friday memorial at London’s Westminster Abbey.
Becky Ferreira
animal rights

Animal Rights Group Hosts Vigil for Chicken Killed in Truck Crash

“June was named after the main character in The Handmaid’s Tale, who also fled captors by hiding amongst trees,” the organization wrote.
Jelisa Castrodale
New music

Weaves Get Weird On Their Cover of Arcade Fire's "Neighborhood #3 (Power's Out)"

For Polaris Prize's Cover Sessions, the band turns the Arcade Fire cut into a jittery banger.
Sarah MacDonald

Charlotte Day Wilson Is Organizing the Chaos of Romance

The Toronto R&B singer talks about her new EP, ‘Stone Woman,’ her growth as a producer, and taking hold of her own career.
Sarah MacDonald

Future Funerals: How Death Is Slowly Being Disrupted

How could innovative ideas improve funerals and final resting places? It’s a question not being asked enough.
Ernie Smith