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Jacy Reese Thinks Technology and Ethics Will See the ‘End of Animal Farming’

Scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs are teaming up to push a future of shuttered slaughterhouses and lab-grown meat.


I Tried Futuristic Alcohol-Soaked Jellyfish and They’re Not Bad

With a little mayo, they’re pretty tasty.


The Lazy Person's Guide to Eating Cheap, Sustainable Sushi

With the help of two seafood experts , we put together a guide to eating sustainable sushi for you, lazy person. Bad news about that spicy tuna roll.


Food Delivery Robots Could Soon Be Dropping Off Your Pizza

Your late-night pizza binges and lazy Saturday morning bagel orders are about to get a futuristic upgrade.


This Magazine Wants to Make Food's Complicated Future More Beautiful

'MOLD Magazine' explores how design can help feed a hungry planet.


We Can Feed the World with Kelp Forests

With just under four acres of ocean, kelp farmers can average about 200,000 pounds of mussels and 500 pounds of dried kelp each year.


What You Missed from the MUNCHIES Future of Food Week

This week, MUNCHIES has been exploring the future of food on planet Earth.


Video Game Cuisine in Tokyo Is Seasoned with Tech Nostalgia

Fun, sophisticated, and outright stupid, Tokyo's video game-themed cuisine is based on nostalgia fused with pop culture and food.


Why This Seafood Restaurant Hired a Marine Biologist

"People want to know that the path is sustainable and the fish have been treated well along the way. The problem is that the longer the supply chain gets the harder it is to know.”


The Plastic Wrap of the Future Will Be Made Out of Milk

We'll be eating our food packaging within the next few years.


Inside the Rise, Fall, and Stoner Rebirth of Pillsbury's 70s Space Food

The future of food looked very different back in the 70s than it does now.


It's 2016, So Where Are All the Meal-Replacement Pills Already?

As far back as the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, people were speculating and writing about the inevitable arrival, one day, of a food pill that would replace conventional meals.