Future of Jobs


How Your Career Can Survive the Next Wave of Automation

As mass automation flourishes, labor, tech and finance experts weigh in on the new brave new world.
Eric Kingrea

Lyft Wants to Create a Fleet of Driverless Cars That Won’t Cut Jobs

Rideshare companies now have to navigate future uncertainties around mobility, the future of work and sustainability.
Aaron Barksdale
Impact Work

You'll Be Broke and Jobless Unless You Prep for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet

Students won't know what they'll be working on as the next generation of American workers.
Khalid Pitts
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Kendrick Lamar-Inspired Hackathon Aims to Prep Kids for Future Jobs

The hip-hop themed event is showing students they've got coding in their DNA.
Aaron Barksdale
Impact Health

Americans' Mental Health Problems Are Costing Them Jobs and Money

People who feel like crap—physically or mentally—are less likely to do good work or hold down a job.
Kimberly Lawson
Impact Equality

Gender Hangups Must Go in the Future of Work

Stereotypes are keeping skilled workers out of good jobs.
Eden Stuart

Forests, Not Coal, Are Where the Jobs Are

The Appalachians are home to some of the world’s most vibrant forests and sustainable use opportunities.
Andrew Goldberg
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France’s New President Promises Jobs to Chronically Unemployed

Emmanuel Macron wants to modernize the country’s economy and education system, but political pitchforks were out long before the first vote was cast.
Alexis Chemblette

Arts Gave $729.6 Billion to the U.S. Economy, Latest NEA Report Reveals

Also last week, Egypt revealed a newly restored statue of Ramses II and Alec Baldwin is taking gallery owner Mary Boone to trial.
Nathaniel Ainley

MIT Is Helping Solve Some of Humanity's Biggest Challenges

Making a difference through CrowdSolving.
Alex Amouyel
Impact Work

Refugees are Redefining the Future of Work in Glasgow

We spoke to the young Sudanese developer setting up a coding school for refugees in the UK.
Alice Rowsome