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How Oceans are Being Used to Cool Massive Data Centres

At a state-of-the-art Google server farm in Finland, the waters of the Gulf soothe red-hot microprocessors.


What It’s Like Inside an Office Space Designed by AI

Designers used artificial intelligence to understand the needs of those who'd be working there.


A Tiny Self-Sufficient House Aims to Make Us Rethink Sustainability

A group of architects and engineers in Ottawa are building a tiny, totally self-sufficient house that people might actually want to live in.


Bricklaying Robots And Exoskeletons Are the Future of the Construction Industry

One of the most digitally conservative industries is opening to robotics.


The Miami Science Museum Is Showing Visitors How Climate Change Works

Photographer Rose Marie Cromwell captures people coming face-to-face with the natural world.


How Space-Based Design Will Keep Martians and Moon-Dwellers Sane

Reminders of home will be necessary for humans to make the great leap of living off the Earth.


Why Social Housing Units in Cities Will Be Hard Hit by Climate Change

As the planet gets hotter, many of us will sweat through record temperatures in buildings that aren’t designed to cool down. New technologies will help.


Greenhouses in the Arctic Will Reduce Food Insecurity in Canada's North

Greenhouses grow food at a fraction of what it would normally cost.


How Staten Island is Turning a Massive Pile of Garbage into a Park

What was once the biggest landfill in the world is on track to become a park three times the size of Central Park.


3D Printing Will Make the Construction Industry More Sustainable

It could help with housing affordability, too.


We Were Promised Dome Homes

Inside the small, dedicated community of people who live in dome-shaped dwellings.


These Designers Are Trying to Build Everything Out of Mushrooms

Fungal houses aren’t just for Smurfs.