G20 summit


Masha Gessen talks about Trump's strange fascination with Putin

Masha Gessen explains "Putinism" and the odd friendship between Trump and the Russian president.


Trump and Putin's meeting went 4 times longer than planned

First lady Melania Trump even tried to break them up.


220 cops removed from duty after scandalous Berlin police party

“They drank, danced, pissed and, yes, apparently also bonked" ahead of the G20 summit.


Australia Accidentally Leaked the Personal Information of All the G20 Leaders

The human error in an email autofill field sent out passport and visa details of some of the world's most powerful people to the organizers of the Asian Cup soccer tournament.


Things I Learned at G20 2014

Protesting in the heat is fucking horrible.


We Asked Four Legendary Australian Activists Why G20 Will Be Riot Free

"It doesn't help that Australians are essentially ignorant fuckwits"


Russian Warships Speed Towards Australia Ahead of Tense G20 Summit

A Russian fleet is sailing towards Brisbane, where Vladimir Putin is headed for a thorny encounter with world leaders at a time of growing recriminations over his role in the Ukraine crisis.