We Spoke to Frontline Photojournalist Lynsey Addario About Fear and Female Resilience

"At a certain point when you're being held hostage, you don't have power to do anything. The only power you have is to listen to your captors and do what they ask you to do."
Kat Lister
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Talking to Marshall Curry, Director of 'Point and Shoot'

Marshall Curry's documentary, <em>Point and Shoot</em>, tells the story of of Matthew VanDyke, a man who set off to travel through North Africa on a motorcycle and ended up joining the 2011 Libyan revolution.
VICE Staff

Libya: A Broken State

Three years after the Libyan revolution and the subsequent downfall of its dictator Muammar Qaddafi, the country has descended further into chaos and insecurity.
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This Guy Played for Gaddafi's Basketball Team at the Start of the Libyan Revolution

Alex Owumi is an American ball player who was recruited by Al-Nasr, a team owned by the Gaddafi family. He enjoyed a few months as the team’s point guard before the revolution broke out in February of 2011.
Greta Hofmann

The American Filmmaker Who Became a Freedom Fighter in Libya

In 2008, Matthew VanDyke set off on a three-year motorcycle expedition around North Africa and the Middle East. He popped into bin Laden's old home, went to cockfights in Iraq, visited mausoleums in Afghanistan, and generally had a pretty nice time...
Greta Hofmann

Back Behind Bars with Gaddafi's Would-Be Assassin

Twenty-six years ago, Azeddine Madani would have done anything to escape his cell in Tripoli's notorious Abu Salim prison, but right now he’s wrangling with armed guards in an effort to get back in. We’re here to attend a tribute to Abu Salim’s former...
Wil Crisp

I Had Tea With Gaddafi's Killer

He shoved an assault rifle in my chest and threatened to kill me.
Aris Roussinos
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The Origins of Libyan Rage: From CIA Waterboarding to the Post-Gaddafi Power Vacuum

Earlier this month, Human Rights Watch released a remarkable report titled "Delivered Into Enemy Hands": It's based on interviews with 14 former detainees of the United States government, most...
Michael Arria

Shades Of Evil

After months of fighting in Libya following the Arab Spring uprisings, Muammar Gaddafi is dead. What his legacy is in the annals of history has yet to be determined. We can say that history books aren't likely to go too deep on his obsession with fancy ey
Derek Mead

Midnight Express

Noriega and Gadaffi can be found performing around Melbourne under the guise The Midnight Juggernauts. They traverse musical terrains ranging from organ-rock and disco-metal.
Hugh Waters