gag order


Roger Stone is really testing the limits of his gag order

“I expect him to get locked up.”


The EPA Just Ended Its Gag Order to Tweet Congrats to Scott Pruitt

The Environmental Protection Agency’s first tweet in almost a month was a congratulatory note to its new leader, Scott Pruitt.


New Sign at EPA Headquarters Quietly Reminds Staff of Their Whistleblower Rights

A new sign inside the EPA building seems to imply the agency’s communications ban has violated a federal whistleblower statute.


This Weight-Loss Company Says It Will Sue You for Leaving a Negative Review

The FTC is going after a company that claims to have an alternative to gastric bypass surgery, then threatens to sue customers who leave negative comments when it doesn't work.


A Small Business Owner Is Fighting the FBI Over Surveillance Program Gag Orders

Nicholas Merrill is battling the US government over a secret surveillance program that has left him living under a gag order for the past 10 years.


Tony Abbott’s Gag Order Reflex

WikiLeaks has revealed a nationwide gag order has been issued by the Australian courts, preventing the press from reporting on allegations of bribery involving several political leaders and key economic institutions of Australia. But you'll never hear...


Here’s What Happened at Barrett Brown’s Gag Hearing

I was inside the Dallas, Texas, courtroom yesterday when Judge Sam Lindsay ruled that a media gag order would go into effect on Barrett Brown's trial. In my opinion, the prosecution failed to present evidence that supported the necessity of such an...