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The Trump Administration Just Got the Green Light to Cut Millions from Planned Parenthood

Title X, a $286 million federal program, offers low-income people access to services like birth control, as well as cancer and STD screenings.
Carter Sherman

Planned Parenthood could lose millions thanks to the Trump administration’s changes to a family planning program

The Trump administration is trying to cut Planned Parenthood and other similar organizations off from tens of millions of dollars in federal funding.
Carter Sherman
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Trump Has an 'Unconscionable' New Plan to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Trump administration is expected to announce a new rule barring federal funding from going to any organization that provides abortion or abortion referrals, which will defund a litany of life-saving services.
Leila Ettachfini
Vice News Tonight

Ugandan sex workers are working without condoms because of Trump administration policy

Trump policy makes it harder for vulnerable groups to get HIV/AIDS meds. Sex workers in Uganda are feeling the hit already.

Countries around the world are planning to fund abortions blocked by Trump's gag rule

Canada is the latest to join an initiative launched by the Dutch.
Chris Adams
Donald Trump

Trump’s Massive Expansion of the Global Gag Rule Will Kill Women, Advocates Warn

The global gag rule forbids foreign NGOs that receive US funding from even speaking about abortion—and Trump just expanded it substantially. Millions of women could suffer and die as a result, reproductive rights organizations say.
Rebecca Grant