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Gage Returns With Eerie New EP About The Disillusionment of Today

'2017 STAY PARO' is a follow-up to 2016's 'Mercury.'
Britt Julious
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U.K. Producer Gage Made a Club Track Out of Actual Wolf Howls

Listen to the mechanical-primal hybrid track “Kaya” off of Gage’s forthcoming album '2017 Stay Paro.'
Rachel Kraus
Objectively Correct Lists

Stop Masturbating or Crying and Let the Gentleman of Grime Restore Your Faith in Romance

Loyalty? Honor? Pride? Grime’s love songs are based on the tenets of 19th-century courtship.
Kamila Rymajdo

Dawn Richard, Anthony Naples, and the Seven Best Things We Heard This Week

Also featuring Legowelt, Rex the Dog, and a Gage Remix of Abra's "Crybaby."
Angus Harrison

Graded Variations: How Gage Became the Most Exciting Producer in the UK

Following the release of a new EP on Crazylegs, we spoke to the 'Mercury' man about his journey from the playground to the club.
Josh Baines
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​Cop a Bundle of Free Bass Music from the UK's Crazylegs Collective

Sign up for tracks from Gage, Ziro, ISLAND and many more. Happy holidays!
Max Pearl
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Meet Ziro, the Bristol Producer Closing the Gap Between Grime and Club Music

The Crazylegs affiliated producer's back with a new EP that flits between deranged funky, acid soaked ambient and waterlogged 3AM jams. Stream a track featuring grime warlord Riko Dan exclusively here on THUMP.
Josh Baines
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Bonus Stage Boss Betty's Bringing Ballroom and Beyond on this Bouncy Beast of a Mix

Ahead of the next Bonus Stage party, we spoke to the Parisian DJ about grime, ballroom, and Beyoncé.
Josh Baines

Ballroom Just Crossed Into Grime With "Bad Bitch" and This Unholy Marriage is Amazing

We talked to the grime producer and legendary ballroom MC to find out more about their big crossover track.
The Niallist
Firsties and Faves

Gage Shares His Firsties and Faves

Trying to write analytically about Gage and Kevin JZ Prodigy's collaboration "Bad Bitch" is like leaving a complaint about military spending in the middle of a warzone: you're better off ducking for cover. Rising UK p
Ezra Marcus